Where Were You When Jelena Was Shot? Her Frienemies and Enemies Get Questioned in the Hit The Floor: 'Til Death Do Us Part Sneak

"I don't know...I didn't hear anything."

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Do you remember where you were the moment Jelena Howard was shot? In a sneak peek for the Hit The Floor: 'Til Death Do Us Part special, a who's who of everyone who's had "history" with Jelena is interrogated about their whereabouts the infamous moment that she was shot. Ahsha didn't hear the gunshot because "it's a big arena," and Zero smashed the poster of her because of a fight between he and Jude, and Sloane well she was still at the entrance after their fight. So...who did it? Find out, and don't miss the wedding of the season on Hit The Floor: Til Death Do Us Part, Monday at 9/8c.