Amber Rose and Benzino Are Beefing Over Slutwalk

Someone isn't here for the movement.

While thousands gathered to enjoy Amber Rose's Slutwalk, one individual did not. Music producer and reality star Benzino took to social media to issue his disgust with Amber's movement.

He first took a screen grab of a Slutwalk headline and wrote a lengthy Instagram caption in which he praised his own parenting, and shared his disapproval of Rose and SlutWalk.

Amber quickly clapped backed by explaining the movement behind Slutwalk and what it's supposed to represent like an outlet for women who've been slut-shammed and/or sexually assaulted. Benzino then posted a video further sharing his disapproval of Rose and explaining her sex life and how she presents herself is the reason for how others see and treat her.

Amber hasn't responded to the video just yet, but it did leave the comment section in a civil war. What do you think? Are you Team Rose or Team Benzino in this situation? Let us know what you think of Slutwalk and Benzino's argument in the comments below.