John Petrucci Of Dream Theater Talks Tone And Technique In 'That Metal Gear'

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As any self-respecting metalhead knows, That Metal Show returned to VH1 Classic last Saturday night, kicking off season 14 in a supremely rocking fashion. One of the highlights was special musical guest John Petrucci of progressive metal standard-bearers Dream Theater. Petrucci is known for his impeccable technique and adventurous approach to guitar sounds. We were fortunate enough to corner him for a brand new installment of That Metal Gear, where we talk to TMS' musical guests about how the got started on their instruments and what equipment they use to achieve their legendary tones. 

Find out the humble origins of his playing career and how he has been able to craft a complete set of personalized musical equipment in the video above. We'll be catching up with more of That Metal Show's musical guests all season long so keep checking back for future That Metal Gear web-isodes. In the meantime check out an exclusive super-cut of some of That Metal Show's most memorable musical guests.

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