These Shady Game Show Host Moments Will Literally Kill You

Steve Harvey always.

If you've ever stayed at home sick, then you have definitely indulged in the Game Show Network. Family Feud! Jeopardy! Wheel of Fortune! Game shows are akin to potato chips or, ya know, crack. Once you start watching them, you can't stop. Your fever intensifies because you get so hot and bothered over random people playing Fast Money. Game show hosts are typically all-smiles and cheery as hell. However, every now and then, a contestant will say something stupid or try to touch the host--that's when the shade comes out. And we live for this ish.

Shady game show hosts are the best game show hosts. Finally, the cherubic facade dissolves, and they finally realize how ridiculous their jobs and people around them really are. Here are seven times it was just too much for these hosts. Can't say we blame them.

The time Steve Harvey couldn't believe "potato" was on the board.

Steve Harvey is, hands down, the shadiest game show host. When a contestant gives a whack answer, Steve isn't afraid to say "You just blew the game, fool" with his all-seeing eyes. So, when this woman guessed "potato" to the question, "Name a word or phrase that starts with 'pot,'" Steve looked at her like she had three heads. He even asked her family, "Why are y'all clapping?" In this case, though, the joke was on Steve. "Potato" was on the board--and soon Steve was on the floor.

When Alex Trebek wasn't here for a contestant's sexual answer.

We're all thirsty THOTs on the inside, but this Jeopardy contestant named Kara is just way more up front about it (queen). The answer to the question was "love triangle," but Kara took it a step further and guessed "threesome." Shade empress Alex quickly quipped after Kara's wrong answer, "Kara has obviously had much more experience than I." Slut-shaming, dude? Really?

The time Pat Sajak straight-up insulted a contestant's awkward friend.

What happened here? Was Brandon trying to be funny and Pat just wasn't feeling it? Was Pat actually being an insensitive prick by making fun of Brandon's strange wave? We're not sure, but whatever the case, Pat made the temperature in that room drop a solid 50 degrees. Where is the LOVE?

When a contestant had no chill, and Bob Barker needed to get the hell out of there.

Winning a car on The Price Is Right is amazing, but this overzealous contestant took it a little too far. After getting the exciting news, she attempted to roll up on Mr. Barker with ~*affection*~, and he checked her really quick. "Don't attack me," he said...actually running away from her. "Don't touch me!" Admit it: Bob in this situation is all of us at all times.

The time Drew Carey told a player to literally STFU.

Listen, there's only so many times a dude can get feign enthusiasm about Plinko before s--t hits the fan. For Drew, it came in the form of a chatty contestant who needed to be silenced ASAP. Gabby Gary just wouldn't stop flapping his gums, so what's a host to do? Simple: Just tell him to shut up. And that's exactly what he did. Gary and Drew are better people for it, to be honest.

When Meredith Vieira called this woman a dumbass.

You don't have to know the context to pick up on the shaaaaade in this exchange. When a female Who Wants to Be a Millionaire contestant rants on and on about how she had *NO IDEA* about something, Meredith shrieks, "Just a dumbass!" The audience laughs along with her, but--damn--this was brutal. "What kind of show is this?" the contestant muses in amazement. Apparently, my love, it's a shady one.

The time Family Feud contestants had no answers, so Richard Karn collapsed.

What happens when the initial challengers blank out on a FF question? The host falls down, apparently. That's what Richard did, at least, when these two ladies couldn't answer a question that was actually pretty effing easy. Silent shade is the worst kind, and nothing stings more than fainting over someone's stupidity. Richard, we worship and fear you.