These Highly-Questionable Musician Parenting Moves Will Make You Want To Hug Your Mom

Sometimes father doesn't know best. Lookin' at you, Matthew Knowles.

By Frank Donovan

Aside from the glitz and glamour, fame can be a state of constant chaos. Add in family dynamics, and you've got yourself a recipe for disastrous parental decision-making on the part of both musical artists and their parents. From one-off instances of poor judgement to years of abuse, we've gathered a list of ten highly concerning parental behavior by artists and their parents. Do not repeat these moves!

Michael Jackson

Oh, yes. You must remember the time when Michael Jackson tore a hole in the fabric of reality by proudly dangling his infant son Blanket over the edge of balcony. Jackson apologized, but that was some majorly questionable parenting.

Courtney Love

Frances Bean Cobain and mother Courtney Love have had a rocky relationship and were estranged for a period. In a deposition in a restraining order made by Cobain in 2009, she said she felt fearful of her house burning down as her mother would frequently fall asleep smoking cigarettes. She also said Love’s hoarding and drug use led to the death of their pets.

John Phillips

According to his daughter, actress Mackenzie Phillips, John Phillips of The Mamas and The Papas not only introduced his daughter to drugs, but raped her when she was a teen and continued what evolved into a 10-year-long consensual incestuous relationship. Mackenzie detailed these unspeakably traumatic years in her autobiography and spoke with Oprah about the ordeal.

Britney Spears

It’s hard to believe it was almost TEN years ago that Britney Spears made a big boo boo by driving with her baby son Sean Preston on her lap in the driver’s seat instead of in a baby car seat. Tisk tisk! Spears claimed she was making a quick getaway from paparazzi.

Billy Ray Cyrus

Uh oh—Cyrus admitted he put his kids at risk in a big way when he let them ride on the front and back of his motorcycle without helmets.

Ronald Fenty

Rihanna’s father encouraged the singer to get back with Chris Brown AFTER the horrific assault incident. In an interview with Oprah, Rihanna said that her dad with physically abusive to her mother.

Joe Simpson

Jessica Simpson’s dad’s creepy commentary on Jess’s breasts speaks for itself: "Jessica never tries to be sexy. She just is sexy. If you put her in a T-shirt or you put her in a bustier, she's sexy in both. She's got double D's! You can't cover those suckers up!" Ew!

Matthew Knowles

Beyonce’s dad and former manager has reportedly sold Bey and Solange’s old belongings in a yard sale. He also cheated and had a baby with another woman while still married to Tina Knowles.

Joe Jackson

It is common knowledge that the notorious patriarch of the Jackson family, Joe Jackson, was verbally and physically abusive to his kids as the manager of The Jackson 5, quite literally whipping them into a successful group.

Brian Wilson

Wilson’s dad Murry was both verbally and physically abusive to his son. He forced Brian to defecate on a paper plate in front of his family, hit him in the head with a two-by-four (causing him to go deaf in one year) and frequently removed his glass eye and forced his son to stare at his empty eye socket.