Black Twitter Can't Get Enough of 'The New Edition Story'

The new series brings back memories.

Part of one BET's The New Edition Story has finally arrived and Black Twitter gathered like it's Thanksgiving. The three-night miniseries dives deep into the lives and careers of Ralph Tresvant, Bobby Brown, Michael Bivins, Ronnie DeVoe and Ricky Bell as they went from adorable kids, turned R&B group, turned crossover pop sensations in the 80s.

Sure enough, fans were on board the second BBD's "Poison" started playing in the intro performance. Twitter couldn't keep it together as the kid actors portraying the young New Edition stole social media's heart with a flawless rendition of "Candy Girl," and, of course, the Bobby Brown gifs were rolling in like tidal waves.

Check out all of the hilarious tweets below, and tune in for The New Edition Story part two on Wednesday (Jan. 25) at 9pm on BET.