Roc Nation's Up-and-Coming Artist ROMANS Has the Cure for What Ails Your Playlist

The soulful singer served up some serious vocals at The Box in NYC last night.

Roc Nation signee ROMANS is breaking and entering the music scene, he won't be denied the spotlight for much longer with his arresting voice.

The singer was featured on Naughty Boy's "Home" last year, and now, he's working on an EP of his own.

ROMANS packed in a full house at The Box in New York City's Lower East Side last night to sing a five-song set, serving vocal prowess on songs titled "Life In Monochrome" and "Silence." His projected single, "Uh Huh," is an inspirational, radio-friendly track complete with a catchy chorus, belty high notes, and uplifting guitar rhythms — all the makings of a hit.

While we wait for ROMANS to unleash what's projected to be a trailblazing EP, hear his track with Naughty Boy above.