Fans Want Kylie Jenner to Take Several Seats After Learning How Much Her Newest Product Costs

Kylie, just take every seat while you're at it.

For months it seems like every time Kylie Jenner's name is mentioned, it's in the context of a question related to her rumored pregnancy. Is Kylie really having a girl? How far along is Kylie? Was Kylie's baby shower held the day after Kim Kardashian's baby shower? But now, fans have a new question for Kylie that has nothing to do with a baby or her boyfriend Travis Scott. People want need to know "IS KYLIE JENNER OUT OF HER MAKE UP LOVING MIND?!"

After announcing a new product for her recent silver collection at Kylie Cosmetics, fans were hyped. Until they found out that the product, a 16-piece set of silver brushes cost $350.

That was not a typo, these brushes used to apply makeup cost three-hundred-and-fifty United States Dollars if you want to buy them all! If you decide that you don't need all 16, or that you're not going to spend a small fortune on brushes, they're being sold individually between $16 and $48. As the CEO, Kylie heard the outcry and let folks know that these brushes were the real deal.

Unfortunately, people weren't trying to hear sis out.

Do you think these fans have a valid point or are they being dramatic?