Brandi's Back in LA, Angel Brinks is in Tears, and Tami's Got Hands Ready for a Newbie in the Basketball Wives LA Season Five Supertrailer

"So, everybody's got new friends around this b---h?"

In the supertrailer for Basketball Wives LA's fifth season, Brandi Maxiell returns to LA to settle the score with executive producer Shaunie O'Neal. Meanwhile, Tami Roman's still rolling with these girls, and it looks like this season they've got her back to the point of no return AKA she's got those Tami paws out for one of the newbies. Meanwhile, Jackie Christie continues to stir the spot, while mispronouncing the words, and is bringing Angel Brinks to tears over the ultimate betrayal. But that's not all, could Malaysia Pargo and Brandi's bond finally be at the breaking point with the addition of Brandi's childhood friend Duffey? Malaysia's dry hellos are amped way up. Will Angel Brinks' bestie Angel Love (yes, two Angels) be able to find her place in the group before things go sour?

Ooh, bb, it's gonna be one hell of a season. Don't miss the season five premiere of Basketball Wives LA, Sunday, July 17th at 9/8c!