10 Reasons We Are Smizing That America's Next Top Model Is Coming to VH1

The makeovers, the makeovers, the makeovers!

VH1 has announced the "fierce-a-fied rebirth" of America's Next Top Model, without Tyra Banks as host, and frankly we are shaking in our stilettos. We cannot wait!

What will the new show look like? Will it be all female, co-ed, all male!? Who will be on the judge's panel? Who will be the new Tyra? We don't have these answers yet but we know all the reasons we are excited that this ah-mazing, campy, and, yes, fierce show setting up shop over here at VH1.

The Hookups

Hookups and flirtations were always a thing on ANTM. Whether it was Kim's kiss-cuddle sessions with straight Sarah or later in the co-ed cycles the flirtation between Phil and Jiana, aspiring models get horny and the ANTM cameras will always capture the drama. We know the torch will be passed on.

The Shade

Top Model could be straight up shady. Good example? When Keenyah was told to lose weight but then they made her portray an elephant in an animal-themed photoshoot. For filth, hunty. We hope the reinvention knows how to balance the shade, the humor, and the fashionz.

The Acting

Tyra loved to show the aspiring models how to act. With Analeigh Tipton and Yaya DaCosta both going to have legitimate acting careers it's probably the most important challenge for the young competitors to be seen by Hollywood powers-that-be, nah?

The Commercials

It's too early to know if this new imagining of America's Next Top Model will have commercials (like past Covergirl spots) but one can presume the series will continue to "train" the contestants in hocking a product that they could presumably end up hocking IRL. (Also Jade Cole's inclusion as a guest mentor would v. much appreciated.)

The Fights

Good lord, the fights. Whether it's all girls or girls and guys, ANTM puts three handfuls of twenty-somethings in a house together and says, "Go!" Emotions run high and competition pits people against one another leading to epic fights, like Bre vs. Nicole and Kim when cereal bars were "stolen." Seriously.

The Ridiculous Challenges

Models faced many odd challenges but nothing was weirder, or more entertaining, than the ridiculous runways like when they had to walk in the dark or the one where a pendulum was swinging while they strut. It actually knocked poor Alexandra off the walkway. More please!

The Meltdowns

Often going hand-in-hand with makeovers, meltdowns on ANTM are par for the course. Meltdowns can come from makeovers but also from the competitive nature of the house, ailments (see Mercedes' lupus, Michelle's flesh-eating bacteria), coming out of the closet (see: twin Michelle questioning her sexuality), and boyfriend trouble (see: Shandi.)

The Judges

ANTM has done an amazing job of enlisting iconic talent like Twiggy, Paulina Porizkova, and André Leon Talley, not to mention breakout star Janice Dickinson, for the judging panel in the past. We are anxiously awaiting to see who's in the judges seat this new next cycle.

The Catchphrases

Tyra Banks may not be back as host this time around but certainly the catchphrases and ANTM-specific lingo will live on. Smize 4 eva!

The Makeovers

Who doesn't love a makeover? And the Top Model makeovers are always epic. Whether it was Denzel getting a lace front beard or Cassandra getting her "beauty queen" hair chopped into a pixie cut, the ANTM powers that be always kept the contestants (and the viewers) on their toes and often in tears.

A premiere date for the new American's Next Top Model has not yet been set.