Were You Shocked At The Latest Departure From Make Or Break'?

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Tonight on <a href="" target="_blank"Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project yet another musician left the house. While Aimee decided to leave Hunter Valentine and it seemed like she or the whole band could end up packing their bags, it was someone else who ended up heading home.

During a session with Linda Perry, the band Omar had a breakdown. Linda revealed that she didn't think Nick was the right drummer for Omar's new sound. An uncharacteristically emotional Linda said that Candice had too much talent to waste away like that and they had to make a decision: either Nick could leave the band and Candice could stay as a solo artist or Omar could both leave the Make Or Break house.

In the end, Nick, who has admitted he has feelings for Candice, said he would leave because he wanted his bandmate to thrive with Linda. Candice decided that she would stay and establish herself as a solo artist.

What do you think of Linda's decision to ask Candice to go solo? Don't miss next week's episode of Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project Thursday at 10 PM ET/PT.