11 Rappers With Really Random Side Gigs

Have you gotten your hands on a copy of Bun B's coloring book? Did you stock up on Cam'ron's Ebola masks late last year? Did you even know either of these two glorious items existed?! There's a handful of rappers who have taken on side projects over the years, and many of them might seem bizarre or random to you. Just know that, for these rappers, they mean much so much more.

2 Chainz wants to run for mayor, but before venturing into politics, the rapper ventured into the culinary arts. Watch his video with Lil Wayne for "Rick As F*ck."

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Danny Brown is writing a children's book.

One time for Dr. Seuss. Danny Brown is drawing inspiration from the children's book author to write one of his own, according to the rapper in his interview with Triple J. Dedicated to Brown's daughter, the book is about "self-esteem in black girls." Brown expressed frustration with how long it's taken him to finish the book because he's simultaneously working on his next album, but he's determined to get this story out into the zeitgeist. Stay tuned, kiddies.

Azealia Banks wrote a fable. Now she's writing a book.

Despite popular belief, Azealia Banks doesn't just sit around beefing with people on Twitter all day long. On the contrary, Banks is busy writing a book to accompany her 2014 album, Broke With Expensive Taste. Banks posted an excerpt from the upcoming book on her Tumblr account. Titled "Idle Delilah," the unfinished story is about the daughter of a rich and feared plantation owner.

Cam'ron is in the business of Ebola masks.

Cam'ron had a genius idea to capitalize off of the Ebola scare late last year when he started selling masks with his face printed on them. He told TMZ in November that he had already sold 5,000 of the masks, which is remarkable considering he hinted at buying them at a regular old drugstore. Warning: Cam'ron's Ebola masks will NOT protect you from Ebola, even though they say they will. Get one, anyway, here.

Riff Raff wants you to take him to your prom.


A photo posted by RiFF RaFF JODY HiGHROLLER (@jodyhighroller) on Jan 11, 2015 at 1:38pm PST

Riff Raff wants to go to prom with you -- so long as you're 18 and willing to pay $28,000. In return for gracing you and all of your prom-going friends with his presence for an evening, Riff Raff will publicize the whole thing on his Twitter and Instagram handles so that everyone will know that you went to prom with Riff Raff. You'll also roll up to prom in a Lamborghini, stay in a penthouse suite afterwards, and if you're lucky enough, you could persuade him to perform "Prom Night" for you.

2 Chainz wrote a cookbook.

2 Chainz, like most of us, loves food. Unlike most of us, the rapper loves food so much, he put out a cookbook "to hook you up with the recipes you'll need for your time out on the road." You know, just in case you're going on tour anytime soon. Grub Street did a round up of the 16 best instructions from the book, and to give you a taste, here's our favorite: "Go to the mall, spend a handful of racks on a new outfit for the night." - "Me Time" sauce, step one.

Childish Gambino guest-starred in Girls.

Donald Glover, AKA Childish Gambino, is a rapper. He's also an actor-comedian. Perhaps you've seen him on Community, or maybe you'll watch his upcoming FX comedy series Atlanta, for which Girls writer Paul Simms will work with him. Glover briefly and randomly appeared in the first two episodes of the second season of Girls as Sandy, Hannah's rebound after she broke up with Adam.

Snoop Dogg has a mobile app.

Snoop Dogg, AKA Snoop Lion, partnered with Upper Playground, 99centbrains, and Cashmere Agency to launch a mobile app in 2013. The Snoopify Sticker Camera "allows you to take photos of your friends or environment and turn them into snoop-themed masterpieces" with stickers. The stickers were designed by Munk One, who has created artwork for musical acts Skrillex and My Chemical Romance.

Lil B has a vegan emoji app.

This one is BasedGod-sent. Lil B partnered with a vegan company called Follow Your Heart to bless the world with a vegan emoji app. The app is free and allows you to send emojis such as dairy-free cheese and Veganaise. A writer -- a vegan writer -- over at Noisey reviewed the app, writing that Lil B is "decades ahead of society." Praises to you, BasedGod.

Wiz Khalifa supposedly plans to bring Portuguese-style grilled chicken stateside. 

Nando's, a South-African chain restaurant known for its Peri Peri sauce, has garnered a celebrity following, including Wiz Khalifa. Wiz likes that Peri Peri sauce so much, the rapper supposedly wants to expand the chain in the U.S. Nando's has locations in Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland, but seeing as how Wiz lives on the west coast, perhaps we'll see the chain stretch out his way soon.

Bun B put out a coloring book.

Bun B, along with Grantland Staff Writer Shea Serrano, made a coloring book. It's also an activity book, so if you think about it, you're getting two for one, here. Serrano reviewed the book, which he illustrated, on Noisey, dubbing it "the greatest, most important work of art of the last 300 years." Not that he's biased or anything. Step up your art game by buying the most important work of art in recent years for the bargain price of just over 10 bucks here.

LL Cool J wrote a "rap and read" children's book.

LL Cool J put out a children's book in 2002 called And the Winner Is.... The book, which comes with a CD, is part of a Scholastic series called Hip Kid Hop and is geared for kids ages four through 10, according to CBS. The story follows a young basketball player and aims to teach kids about grace, strength, humility, and good sportsmanship. Get it here via Amazon.

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