Tiffany Pollard Gets Surprisingly Serious Revealing Her Bipolar Disorder to Sky on Brunch with Tiffany

"I love people with records, it just really turns me on."

You can imagine that Tiffany Pollard and Sky from Black Ink Crew would be hilarious, loud, ridiculous, and sweet together but imagine no longer because their pairing is a reality.

In a brand new episode of Tiffany's web series Brunch with Tiffany, the host meets Sky at BLVD Bistro in Harlem, right up the street from the Black Ink shop, where the two ladies bond over their reality TV careers, their love for plastic surgery, and tattoos. In a surprisingly real and serious moment though, Tiffany empathizes with Sky talking about her mother's bipolar disorder, revealing to her new friend that she also lives with the condition. Sky, naturally, hugs her new "bestie" because with these two it can't get too dark for too long.

The convo quickly turns to fighting on reality TV and Tiffany remembering Pumkin spitting on her. Sky says she always on the defensive mode, whether the cameras are rolling or not, and shares with Tiff, "I've been in and out of jail my whole life," but before Sky can finish her story, Tiffany wants Sky to know that a prison record gets her turned on. Lord.

From fighting for Little Debbie Honey Buns to Tiffany getting a "tattoo gangbang" from Ceaser, Melody, O'Sh*t, and Young Bae at Black Ink, this brunch is a mess, in the very best way.

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