A Comprehensive Guide To Music Blogs By Genre

Music junkies depend on all of the best blogs to introduce them to the next big artist or hot new record that mainstream radio won’t pick up for another few months. Now that CDs are basically obsolete, blogs have taken over to replicate the experience music lovers once felt when they ripped off the plastic CD casing to crack open an exclusive lyric booklet and (if you were lucky) a free poster. Today, fans dive into the interwebs to find that perfect song or to feel the adrenaline the moment they find a new underground artist they want want to keep as their own little secret. With that being said, here’s a comprehensive guide to music blogs by genre that (along with VH1, naturally) will revitalize your relationship with music once again.

Hip Hop

Hip hop bloggers wage wars. They fight to be the first with exclusives and offer their most honest critiques of songs, artists, and trends within hip hop culture. Conversations can go from a new rapper from Brooklyn going viral from a vine video to how hip hop influenced the discourse on Ferguson, Missouri. Don't expect anything to be off limits with hip hop blogs but expect to get only the best music.



About: "In the middle we stay calm, we just drop bombs. @dopeboySHAKE & @MekDot." Dopeboy bloggers Shake and Meka are also very entertaining on twitter.

Rap Radar

About: "Where (Elliot) YN (Wilson) Lives. Rap Radar is the Premiere Rap Blog for the latest news, music and video in Hip Hop Culture." Rap Radar was created by veteran hip hop journalist Elliott Wilson, who also hosts a live interview series with all of the hottest rappers in the game called "CRWN".

Nah Right

About: "Founded in 2005, is the Internet's premier source for Rap Music." If your iTunes needs a quick tune up, get links to free downloads or streams here.


R&B seems to be hard to gauge these days because pop music has found a way to merge into many genres- but don't worry, real R&B still exists. And for those who don't agree, you can always feel nostalgic about old R&B groups. No need to fret R&B purists, there are blogs perfectly suited to your needs. PS- Long live Jodeci.


This Is RnB

About: " Your #1 Source for New RnB Soul Music, Videos, News, Photos, Performances, Interviews, Reviews & More." The perfect place to go for emerging R&B artists you need to know.


About: "Singersroom is your one stop shop for latest New R&B Music, R&B Songs, Music Videos and True Celebrity Gossips." Kill two birds with one stone by listening to new music while reading up on the latest celebrity gossip.


About: "Dedicated to the essence of keeping real r&b alive, YouKnowIGotSoul provides all exclusive interviews, news, event coverage, editorials, and fresh features, as well new music, new videos, rare gems, editor picks and classics." This site is for real R&B fans who still replay their Boyz II Men albums on loop and love finding rare gems to add to their music collection.


Pop music will always lead the forefront for mainstream music, so the pop blogosphere is vast and plentiful. Need to know the latest on Ariana Grande's (alleged) diva behavior, Hilary Duff's successful comeback or Katy Perry subtweets? These pop blogs have all the juicy news and catchy music to keep you and your unhealthy obsession with Taylor Swift satisfied.



About: "100% Solid Pop Music" From interviews with Meghan Trainor to Charli XCX, Popjustice always has the latest scoop. They even have their own t-shirts.

Pop Sirens

About: "Pop Sirens is an online music magazine, covering the finest sirens in the music biz." Calling all pop addicts: this site was made for you.

EQ Music

About: "EQ Music Blog was launched in 2005 originally as a pop and electronic music blog featuring new and exciting artists written by American born, London living music enthusiast Raj Rudolph. Not satisfied with just the radio-friendly and Top 40 playlists, EQ’s mission of discovering relevant and inspiring new talent quickly caught on and since then has emerged as a noted and respected online music tastemaker." EQ blends the latest pop and electronic music, in case you want to change up your repertoire.


Today, EDM nearly trumps pop music in popularity. Every club, house party and bar is blasting some form of EDM and it can be hard to keep up. Unless you've been educated by Diplo himself, you will need these blogs to navigate this booming genre.


EDM Sauce

About: "EDM Sauce is your #1 Source for Electronic Dance Music." This blog will not only keep you updated with everything EDM but also keep you up to trend with the latest EDM fashion.

Do Androids Dance

About: "Listen to and download the most upfront sounds and stay on top of breaking news from the world of electronic dance music with Do Androids Dance." If you think EDM is for a bunch of raving teenagers who pop molly and wear neon, you are seriously misinformed. Learn from the best and let D.A.D. drop real EDM knowledge on your poor misguided soul.

Your EDM

About: "The world's best source for Electronic Dance Music, Interviews, Music Reviews & EDM news. Your EDM is your one stop-shop for all things EDM." Your EDM is just that: EDM just for you. EDM heads will be able to find something they love since this blog covers everything from new singles to festival live streams.


Country music is definitely underrated. People have made a habit of saying, "I listen to everything but country" but have they really given it a chance? (Taylor Swift doesn't count.) Superstars like Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert and Luke Bryan keep the country conversation going. You can listen to their hits and more, here.



About: Country Music Television. "Get Country." Get all the latest on country television shows and music countdowns.

The Boot

About: "The top source for the latest country music news, videos, songs, interviews and live performances from country's biggest stars." For country fans who pine for more intellectual stimulation, check out The Boot's longform section and be part of the discussion.


About: "A music blog featuring Alt-Country, Americana, Indie, Rock, Folk & Blues. Est. 2005." For country music with a little bit of rock and roll, Twangville is your desired destination.


Metalheads need an escape too. If you're at your nine to five job and your boss is piling on the assignments, strap on your headphones and blast some metal to get through the day. These blogs have the latest tour dates, reviews and upcoming releases to make any headbanger happy. And if all else fails, watch Miss Box Of Junk teach noobs everywhere how to be a sexy heavy metal video vixen in just five steps.



About: "#1 in Heavy Metal Opinion and Analysis." Metal nerds, click the link and go crazy.


About: " is the CNN of heavy metal and hard rock news." Calling themselves the "CNN of heavy metal" makes Blabbermouth sound very intriguing, no? Visit the site to get informed.

Metal Injection

About: "The leading metal news, metal music video and metal tour date source on the internet. Get your fix of Metal Injection!" Inject some metal into your life with only the best metal artists in the world. Discover news, videos and epic tours announcements right here.


In 2014, you don't need a record deal to be successful. You just need good music and an internet connection. Former independent artists like Drake and Macklemore understand the power of social media and blogs because they both hit mainstream success before they had a deal. For the latest on indie artists who are on the cusp of superstardom, visit these blogs to appreciate quality music over quantity.



About: "The essential guide to independent music and beyond." Debating on whether or not to listen to an album? Read a Pitckfork review and thank us later.

Pigeons & Planes

About: "Pigeons and Planes is a place where you can keep up with good new music ranging from indie rock and mainstream hip-hop to experimental pop and electronic. Whether it’s the pop star you see on the magazine covers or the local band you’ve never heard of, we cover it all. We work closely with good people who are into good music." Want good music, period? Peruse through the pages of P&P for today's most talented and interesting artists on the rise.


About: "Stereogum is a music website." The bio may be a bit basic but their content is not. Visit Stereogum to hear it first.

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