Is 'Supergirl' the Female-Driven Superhero Show We Deserve?

Maybe. Thank Zod it's better than its preview.

Last week, CBS released a six-minute preview for Supergirl, which debuts this fall. For a lot of people, it wasn't particularly well received. With its rom-com elements and Devil Wears Prada vibes, it drew a lot of comparisons to the Saturday Night Live Black Widow movie sketch.

Watch both for a comparison.

A lot of fans who were so excited about a Supergirl series were nervous — would the show finally be the female-driven superhero show we want and need, or would it be a mess?

Well, thanks to a leak, we have our answer: people are totally into it.

And io9 said, "If you were put off by the show’s six-minute preview from last week, I can assure you the show is significantly better than that. It still some of the same issues, but it’s far more charming than problematic."

Of course, it's just the pilot. There's still some kinks that need worked out.

But was it really a leak? Many speculate this was actually a very calculated move by CBS to get good word-of-mouth after the negative response to the preview. And if that's the case, it worked. We're super excited.