Drita Reveals She Is Thrilled 'Mob Wives' is Over and She Has Gained 15 Lbs. of "Happy" Weight Since The Show Ended

"As soon as Mob WIves was over, I was at peace instantly."

Drita D'Avanzo made a public appearance last week and during an interview with Maximo TV, she revealed how happy she is now that Mob Wives is no longer a part of her life. "As soon as Mob Wives was over, I was at peace instantly," Drita says. "I gained like fifteen pounds. It's happy weight, it is. I was very stressed on that show, I mean, I wasn't eating, I wasn't sleeping, I was just all day in my kitchen thinking about how I wanna rip someone's head off their body and remove it and now I don't gotta do that."

"I let go of Mob Wives, I don't deal with any mob wives, so it's wonderful," she declared. Which is not entirely true, while Drita seems to have removed herself from the "OG" gang of four and no longer speaks with Carla Facciolo, Renee Graziano, and Karen Gravano, she does still occasionally sees Brittany Fogarty and Alicia DiMichele, as you can see from a recent appearance they all made together.

In addition to her newfound zen attitude, Drita revealed that she's working on a spinoff, and putting the finishing touched on her book, which proved controversial on her final season of the show, but which she promises will have loads of dirt about making the series. (Lord, we can't wait to read that.) We love to hear that she's so happy these days!