Alexis Skyy Says She Only Joined 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' To Deliver a Message to Masika Kalysha

"I joined reality TV to get a message to Masika and that's really why TF I came on this show."

Alexiss Skyy has a message to deliver to deliver to Masika, honey and figured joining Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is the best way to deliver it.

In this Meet the Cast web exclusive, Alexis lets us know who she really is and not who the blogs paint her out to be. Straight out Long Island, New York, this 22-year old comes from a strict Caribbean background. Growing up without a father present in her life, she has always found herself seeking validation by ways of dating older men. She met her bio-dad when she was a mere 18 years old, and pissed off her mother in the process when she made the decision to live with him. No longer having to deal with West Indian household rules, Alexis damaged her relationship with her mom by having a more carefree lifestyle residing with her pops.

Love is her biggest fear and although she had deep feelings for him, Alexis can't see herself going back to her ex. She understands that like her, the boy is type lost, blinded by the fame ish. The cheating was a for sure turn off, and she needs fans to understand that Masika was just a side who happened to get pregnant. Why join Love & Hip Hop Hollywood? Well, she just wants you all to know the real her and the not the version of her you see on your explore page.

Get to know Alexis and don't miss the premiere of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Monday, July 24th at 8/7c!