Sky's Mother Was The One Who Put Her Kids Up For Adoption, And Sky Finds Out The Real Story Behind It on 'Black Ink Crew'

"Now that I'm trying to reach out to my sons, I just don't want any negative forces to step in the way of something that's supposed to be magnificent."

Back when Sky gave birth to her two amazing sons, she wasn't in a position to take care of them. Thankfully mommy dearest stepped in to make sure the boys found a good home, but was the adoption process legal?

In this Black Ink Crew highlight, Sky's mom is in a much better place and the two meet up for lunch. Since her mother has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, there has been a constant struggle with her missing her medication and often times going missing so Sky is relieved that her mother is in a much better space. After toasting to love and tranquility, Sky brings up the interview her son did. Even her momma knows that Dutchess was behind that and Genesis' father Alton also played a role. Now that Sky has watched the full interview, she's livid to learn that Alton was spreading all sorts of lies, even claiming the boys' adoption was never legal. It's real fishy how he was just begging for forgiveness for abandoning Sky and the boys a year ago and now he's changing the story. Sky is at a point where she just wants to be in her son's life and can't take anymore mishaps to deter her from this goal. So before anymore surprises sprout up, Sky needs to ask her mother if the adoption really was legal.

At the time, Sky was locked up and her mother was dealing with her own addictions while living in a shelter. Her mother explained she met this family called the Raymonds who stepped in to help when no one else could. The adoption was legal. As devastating as all of this has been for the past decade plus, Sky's mother reminds her that she made the right decision back in the day because Sky was simply too young to raise kids. Life unfolded the way it did and although Sky wishes things were different, all she could do now is move forward and make things right.

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