Did Baby Bentley Really Get a Ferrari at Lyrica and A1's Baby Shower?

Ray J and Princess went all out in the gift department.

It's all about baby Bentley.

A1 Bentley and Lyrica Anderson are all smiles following their amazing weekend filled with love, laughs, support, and friendship. (Swipe right.)

Over the weekend, the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood parents-to-be celebrated their baby shower and lit doesn't begin to describe. Lyrica was so excited, she even had a mini baby-bumpin' twerk session outside.

It also looks like #FatherFigureFridays will be a thing again with Ray J and A1 now that they've squashed their beef without handing out any brotherly fades. In this video below, Ray J stands beside his bro, vowing to be a better friend to A1.

Shout out to my brother A1. Congrats fam. You and Lyrica, we in the building right now. I'm sorry, I love you and I will be a better friend. That's on everything.

*Insert "Awwww" here."

And to prove that apology was sincere-sincere, the Norwoods gifted Lyrica and A1 with Ferrari car seat!

A Bentley with a Ferrari, talk about stuntin'. Natalie Nunn formerly of The Bad Girl's Club came out as well to show her baby and her baby's baby some love.

It goes without saying that Princess' princess, Baby Melody looked tew adorbs posed up with A1 and Lyrica.

What a beautiful shower. Congrats once again to Lyrica and A1. We can't wait to meet your baby boy! And salute to Ray J, Marcus, and A1 for restoring that brotherly bond. Baby Bentley will be blessed to have his uncs in his life.