Amber Rose Reveals Her Beef With Khloe + Kylie Was Misunderstood: "I wasn't coming at Kylie. I was coming at Tyga"

Amber has no beef with the Kardashians.

Amber Rose appeared on Perez Hilton's podcast to discuss her recent Twitter beef with Khloe Kardashian and sister Kylie. She reveals that her shade was directed at the wrong person.

"I feel like everything was extremely misunderstood. Listen, I met Kylie before, she was actually a really sweet girl, I was very surprised as to how nice she was to me," Rose explained. "And I wasn't coming at Kylie. I was coming at Tyga on behalf of my best friend, Blac Chyna."

Rose continued, "So, for me to say, 'Yeah, she should probably go to bed,' maybe was in poor taste and I understand that," she admitted. "But I feel like that should have been more of a phone call that Khloé could've had with me. She could've called me. We run in the same circles. She could've gotten my number for sure."

Who saw this response coming? Regardless, it seems her beef with Kardashians are over... for now, but her feud with Tyga just begun. Also, she revealed that her and boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly have split.

”No we’re not dating anymore,” Amber explained. “I think it was just a mutual agreement. We’re still really good friends.”

Fellas, please keep your thirst level at a very low minimum.