Amber Rose and French Montana Addressed the Dating Rumors On The 'Amber Rose Show'

The rapper stopped by Muva's show and spilled tea.

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When photos of Amber Rose and French Montana in a car together hit the Internet, rumors swirled the two were dating. (Don't you know that in Hollywood, your literal proximity to a human indicates your relationship status?!) Rose had Montana on the first episode of her VH1 talk show (Amber Rose Show), and the pair addressed their romance rumors straight on. (Spoiler alert: Nothing is happening!)

"You can't even hang with somebody in Hollywood, and it's just like all of a sudden y'all are f--king," Rose said.

Montana agreed. "Exactly," he said. "You're [Rose] like my psychiatrist. I always come to you when I have problems." See, people! Move along. They're just two (hot) friends who have heart-to-hearts sporadically.

However, Rose did reveal that she and Montana have cried together. Well, kinda.

"[Montana] almost teared up one time," Rose said. "We were just talking about real-life s--t."

No shame, Montana! I cry during commercials. Watch it all go down in the clip above, and tune into the Amber Rose Show every Friday at 11/10c.