Live Fast, Die Old: 20 Rock Bad Boys Who Have Stayed Alive

We've probably all heard of the motto that proclaims, "Live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse." Some of our favorite rock stars of all time only seem to have gotten to the "live fast" part.

For whatever reason--good luck, great genes, or maybe lots of Tai Chi--the 20 bad boys on our list did every drug imaginable, slept with every person they could find, drank every drink in sight and are still somehow with us as old men.

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For some of the rock stars on our list, like David Bowie or James Taylor, their drug abuse is a thing of the past. They had to kick the habit before they kicked the bucket. Others, like Keith Richards and Steven Tyler, are still flirting with disaster and landing in and out of rehab. Either way, the 20 bad boys on our list were true hedonistic rock (and R&B) stars in their hey day and are still with us now.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images & Warner Bros.]