Here's Proof That Gene Simmons Is Pathologically Incapable Of Not Licking Everyone + Everything

Here's Just About Everything His Tongue Has Touched

Let’s be honest: We all have gross habits.

Some of us chew with our mouths open.

Some of us pick our noses.

Gene Simmons licks humans.

It can be considered iconic the way the KISS rocker could never keep his tongue in his mouth. And quite frankly, the hard rock band wouldn’t have been what it was if Gene had just kept his tongue to himself.

I mean, just look at the expertise with which he moves his tongue.

But, of course, Gene Simmons likes to take it one step further: He has to put his tongue on other people’s skin.

And his tongue has touched just about everyone and everything.

Here's a roundup of just about everything Gene Simmons has ever licked. Keep in mind that we had to draw the line somewhere. After all, the KISS rocker claims to have slept with more than 4,800 women.

His best mate, Tommy Thayer

And other fellow rock stars, Phil Collen

Joe Elliot

Rob Halford

TV personalities, David Letterman

Piers Morgan

Sabrina Sato

Daphne Brogdon

Soprano, Vincent Pastore

His first love, Cher

Playgirls, Jenny McCarthy

Devin DeVasquez

Carrie Stevens

Most importantly, his wife, Shannon Tweed

Even photographers

And armpits

And let’s not forget a few inanimate objects he’s licked, as well. There was his bass guitar

Tongue Magazine

KISS Condoms

But at the end of the day, Gene Simmons just wants to lick and be licked in return.

So now, you tell me: Is this normal, or does it look like Gene Simmons has an actual problem?