"He Was Feeling Me From the Jump": Briona Sets the Record Straight on Her Relationship with The Game

"No telling what type of women he goes for but I'm definitely one of his types."

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Briona Mae was the wild child of the She's Got Game cast and that hasn't stopped since the show wrapped. After The Game chose Rebecca over Shyonna on the season finale, Briona took to Instagram to make it known she and Jayceon had something going on.

VH1 chatted with Briona about her relationship with the rapper, why he chose Rebecca over her, and who she's still close with from the cast.

Was there any part of you that hesitated to join a dating show and look for love on TV?

Briona Mae: Yes, I hesitated because when you are on national television, it gives room for everyone to judge you without fully knowing the real you. I also felt like being on TV that the editing would play a big role on how people perceive you as a person.

Do you think The Game has a type of woman he goes for?

I don't know what type of women Jayceon goes for, I'm not Jayceon. That's something that needs to be asked to him. He is very diverse, so no telling what type of women he goes for but I'm definitely one of his types.

You’ve been very public on Instagram about you and The Game having something since the show wrapped, what is the status of your relationship?

The status is our status and for everyone to mind their own business.

If you and The Game were able to make something work now, why do you think you were you eliminated before Rebecca and Shyona?

Do you really want to know? Because it would have been so predictable if I won the show. He was feeling me from the jump, no denying that.

What is something we would be shocked to know about Jayceon, that's different when cameras aren't rolling?

You wouldn't be shocked about anything if it's involving Jayceon [Laughs]

Is there a reason he hasn’t made a statement about you on his Instagram or in any interviews?

Is there a reason why he hasn't made a statement about anyone on his Instagram? Not just me. Crazy, huh? Rebecca won and he doesn't even claim her on his Instagram. Think about that one.

Are you friends with any of the ladies since the show wrapped?

Yes, Shy, Elle, and Jen and that's it.