Cozywiththecurls and Just Brittany Get the Offer of a Lifetime From Rick Ross in This 'Signed' Highlight

"A deal with MMG, what it does is it changes your life."

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Who knew that the rapper from Louisiana with a name that stumped the moguls would end up becoming a standout in the competition? After totally impressing the moguls, Cozywiththecurls was ready to hear their final decision, and Rick Ross had a sweet deal to offer him: A single deal.

What is a single deal, you ask? According to Ross, "What a single deal is, is basically giving you an opportunity and Maybach Music covering all of your expenses and putting a record together--One record that you believe in. We're gonna see what happens. If something positive comes from it, it's real easy. And if nothing really goes good from it, you know, get on the Greyhound." But as Lenny S. reminds Cozy, "Single deals usually turn into album deals."

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It hit us right in the feels to see Cozy, who is usually up on stage doin' "the dolphin" getting emotional about his deal.

Up next was Just Brittany. A favorite of Rick Ross since the start of the competition, we weren't sure how this was going to go for Brittany. After all, Rick Ross has never signed a female to his label. But at the end of the day, Brit's talent landed her the coveted role of the first lady of MMG with Ross offering her a single deal as well.

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Brittany was just as excited about her deal because "it only takes one song to pop off."

We can't wait to see where these two take their music now that they've been SIGNED. Make sure you're following their journeys by using our social media guide.