Sara and Erin Foster Spill the Tea on Leaving Your Man (For Someone Better)

"Relationships are temporary and everyone needs to understand that."

If you've ever wanted to leave a relationship and didn't know how, this one's for you. (Well, maybe.)

Sara and Erin Foster know how to navigate the often intimidating world of dating. In this exclusive interview with the Barely Famous stars, they dish on how to leave a relationship *the proper way* and what they have to say is surprising, to say the least.

"Relationships are temporary and everyone needs to understand that," Erin offers up. "So when you get to a point where you're done with someone, you just need to say, 'Honey, your time's up.'" Ladies, if this isn't your style, you can always take the Sara approach and just say, "Bye, Felicia." (Does that work in this scenario?)

Find out how the Foster sisters handle breakups in this Barely Famous sneak, and be sure to tune in to the Season 2 premiere on Wednesday, June 29 at 10 p.m.!

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