Lindsay Lohan Loses Half of Her Finger In a Boating Accident

LiLo shared optimistic updates in spite of her trauma.

By Jasmine Washington

Ouch! Lindsay Lohan recently took to social media to share news about a horrifying accident she was recently involved in.

LiLo revealed that she'd lost half of the ring finger on her left hand in a bizarre boating mishap on Sunday.

Posting a photo of her partially severed finger wrapped in bandages on Snapchat, Lohan said, "This is the result of me trying to help anchor the boat by myself."

Sources close to Lohan tell TMZ that friends quickly found some remaining bits of her severed finger and it was reattached.

Making light of her trauma, Lohan uploaded a selfie to Instagram letting fans know that at least one of her hands worked properly. "One handed selfie. ??? ? #whatdayisit @_lauraslater" LOL.