All the Women French Montana Has Had a Special Bond With

There's something about this Bad Boy.

By Jasmine Grant

We’re not sure if it’s the excessive bling, his swagger or good old-fashioned charm, but French Montana sure does have a way with the ladies. French has had an impressive roster of arm candy over the years – proving the Bad Boy rapper is somehow irresistible to the opposite sex. Currently, French Montana is boo’ed up with rapper Iggy Azalea. While the two are keeping it casual enjoying their blossoming romance, French is known to play the field. While we’re digging the idea of them as a couple, we’re not hanging our hat on the idea of this being a long-term love affair.

French is ushering in his 32nd birthday today. So to celebrate, we’re rounding up all the beautiful ladies this hip-hop playboy has under has had a thing with.

Iggy Azalea

As we mentioned upfront, Iggy is currently the leading lady in French Montana’s life. After an explosive breakup with former LA Lakers player Nick Young, Iggy was desperately in need of some tender love and care…and Frenchie was apparently there to give her a dose. Paparazzi snapped photos of French and Iggy making out on a yacht in Mexico and so began the chatter around their situation. The lovebirds also posed for a few snaps in the days leading up to their PD sighting. Iggy recently posted a photo on Instagram of 7 stunning diamond rings French purchased her. No, not that kind of diamond ring. More of a friendship ring of sorts…since, as Iggy told reporters while passing through the airport, the two are just “friends”. Mmmhhmmm….

Drita D`Avanzo

Drita from Mob Wives is one tough cookie, but like most of French Montana’s women, she’s got a soft spot for the kid. Drita starred as French’s leading lady in the video for their 2012 collaboration “Everything's A Go.” The Bonnie and Clyde theme of the video was reportedly art imitating life, as the couple appeared to be taking their music partnership to a personal level. Unlike French, Drita is new to the single life. We’ve watched her strained relationship with incarcerated ex-husband Lee D’avanzo play out for a few seasons of the show, until Drita had enough and decided to sign those divorce papers. French seemed ok with being the rebound for a time, and the two allegedly enjoyed a brief courtship off-screen.

Khloe Kardashian

French Montana and Khloe Kardashian were the “it” couple for a moment in time. The reality star seemed to have had French under her spell for the 8 months that they were dating. The pair were continuously joined at the hip and showered each other with lavish gifts. French even bought Koko a fully loaded jeep for her 30th birthday priced at $50K. The relationship unfortunately didn’t pan out and the couple split in August 2015. On the bright side, there’s nothing but love left. “We’re gonna be friends forever, me and Khloé,” French told PEOPLE while hosting an event at Las Vegas’ Marquee. “We got a special kind of relationship. That’s one of my best friends.”

Dorothy Wang

Shortly after French and Khloe unhinged, the “Pop That” rapper immediately fell into the arms of Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills personality Dorothy Wang. The pair met at a Tinder Launch party and instantly hit it off. One insider close to Wang confirmed to E! News, “They’re hooking up. It’s nothing serious yet. Her attitude about it is casual.” And serious it was not. The momentary fling was over almost as quickly as it began…but for what it’s worth, let’s hope these two crazy kids had their fun.

Sanaa Lathan

Sanaa and French, both single and ready to mingle, found their way to each other through the social circuit and sparks apparently started flying left to right. The pair caused heavy speculation that they were dating once photos and videos of them started popping up all over the Internet. The two never explicitly confirmed their romantic involvement, and when asked about it, cleverly danced around the questions. “You know, I just don’t talk about my personal life,” said Sanaa when asked about on 92.3 Big Boy radio show. While keeping it mum, the actress did confirm she “is dating.”


French Montana’s moment in time with Trina unfortunately didn’t end as amicably as the others, but the rapper pretty much chalked up his relationship with Trina as "some fun thing with no title." While Trina agreed that the two were never official, she claims they were dating and thought things were becoming more involved….until she was blindsided by his relationship with her former friend Khloe Kardashian, which she discovered through the blogs.

Here's that time Drita hit the recording studio to drop a verse that she wanted to be featured on a French Montana song.