We Had A Religious Experience Watching Elle King + James Bay Perform "Proud Mary" At VH1's Big Music In 2015: You Oughta Know Concert

Praise hands up!

You Oughta Know alums Elle King and James Bay are both total fire. So, what happens when you combine these artists and throw in a classic American anthem for good measure? An explosion of awesomeness. EXPLOSION.

That's exactly what went down at Thursday night's VH1 Big Music In 2015: You Oughta Know concert. Elle and James joined forces to perform "Proud Mary," made popular by Tina Turner in the 1970s. And explosion is a total understatement.

James kicked us off with his deep, sultry voice known to ignite libidos at first listen. Elle soon jumped in with her signature cadence and attitude. (And might we add her white leather fringe jacket was every-damn-thing.)

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They picked up the pace midway through, leaving us star-fished and wanting more. But, before we knew what hit us, the jam session ended, and the king and queen tenderly embraced. Come through, artist support!

Though short-lived, seeing James Bae Bay riff to "Proud Mary" is one for the books. And you know what else is? Elle's performance of her hit "Ex's & Oh's." Check out the beefcake fest below.

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