These Memes of Kanye West's 2015 Billboard Music Awards Performance Are As on Fire As Yeezus Was

Did anyone see and/or hear Kanye at the BBMAs last night? <i>Anyone</i>?

Kanye West's performance of "All Day" at the Billboard Music Awards last night was literally on fire. The fire effects were so extreme, some worried Ye had accidentally set himself on fire, too. Rest assured: Yeezus walks.

Kanye may have dodged some major heat on stage, but these memes of his performance won't let him live it down. Check them out below.

The performance was sort of like a game of Fill in the Blank.

Yes to all of the following.

The performance had Michael Jackson rolling over in his grave.

Actually, that wasn't even Kanye performing. It was an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.

All that fire had Jennifer Lopez thinking about starting a BBQ.

Was the TV on mute? Nah, but Kanye was.

Pretty much.

What it felt like watching Kanye perform last night:

This, too.


But seriously. Did anyone check to make sure Yeezus is okay?