Did Frank Ocean Just Unveil New Lyrics in His Calvin Klein Ad?

"There's no place to hide out here, these skies are filled with planes."

Frank Ocean may have slipped a little Boys Don't Cry preview in a new ad for Calvin Klein and good Lord, will this album be great.

Ocean is one of many celebrities featured in Calvin Klein's Fall 2016 campaign (Zoe Kravitz, Bella Hadid, Young Thug, Kate Moss and Margot Robbie, the list goes on). The Channel Orange singer starred in a promotional video for the brand and opened up about his musical process, spoke beautifully about the notion of fantasy and may have even dropped some new lyrics to hold us over until BDC Day—all in the span of sixty seconds.

"You start to have it and you keep it up for four or five weeks and then you stop, you feel like you're missing something of your day," Ocean said in the video diary-style clip. "That's what music is for me. It feels like a necessary act."

"You romanticize something that's in the past, which is fantasy 'cause it's not exactly how it went down," he said of the idea of fantasy. "Fantasy plays the role of a supplement. I'm drawing fantasy to make things hyper-real, I guess. Saturate the colors."

Right smack in the middle of these two quotes came the following sentence, which sounds an awful lot like a lyric (and if it's not, perhaps it should be): "It takes a mind to worry, a conscience to feel ashamed. But there's no place to hide out here, these skies are filled with planes."

Wishful thinking or Boys Don't Cry material? Find out for yourself in Ocean's new ad here.