Jackie Christie's 20 Weddings (and Counting) is a Blueprint For Longevity in a Relationship

Her strategy is working.

Jackie Christie was once quoted saying, "If we're always planning a wedding, we don't have time to plan a divorce." Fast forward and nearly a decade later, the Basketball Wives LA star, and wife to retired NBA player Doug Christie, is 20 weddings deep. Obviously their strategy is working (for them).

Recently in honor of VH1's 14 Days of Love, Jackie opened up to host Amber Rose on how the act of renewing her vows annually came about. According to Jackie, what started off as a means of overcompensating for their shotgun wedding, soon turned into a "family tradition."

"[When] we got married, a bunch of our friends couldn't make it, because it was so last minute. So we said, 'Let's do a renewal next year and invite everybody.' It was just such a beautiful experience, coming together and celebrating our first year, that we decided to do it every year and make it a family tradition."

Clearly in the case of the Christies, "less is more," is not the motto!