The 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Cast Reacts To Joc Popping The Question To Kendra

"I'm for you. God made you for me. All that other s**t? I don't care nothin' about it"

When Shekinah dragged her out of the house to go to a masquerade party, the last person Kendra wanted to see was Joc--but that all changed once he pulled the ring out.

An awkward confrontation turns into one of the most special moments in this couple's life as the unfamiliar crowd takes off their masks to reveal themselves as Kendra's family and friends. Joc gets down on one knee to pop the question, but with all the drama going on, Kendra has some questions of her own. In the end, she sees her man's words as being sincere and they decide to start this new chapter together.

Over on the basketball court, Stevie J and Ty meet up to settle some of their differences. After spending so much time with Mimi, Ty decides to confront Stevie about him only seeing their daughter "once a year" and questions his parenting.

There's only one way to solve an issue as serious as this: a game of one-on-one. Did Stevie forget that Ty's a professional basketball player, orrrrrr?


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