Watch Ozzy Osbourne Visit The Alamo For The First Time Since Peeing On It In 1982

The Prince Of Darkness apologized to the city as part of his new travelogue series.

February 19th 1982 is a date that will forever live in rock infamy. For that is the day that Ozzy Osbourne, clad in his then-girlfriend Sharon's dress, peed on the Alamo. OK, technically it was the Alamo Cenotaph, a nearby monument erected in 1939 to pay homage to the Texans who died for the state's independence. But still, that's pretty bad. Those of you who are history buffs will know that the Alamo is one of the things that you don't drunkenly pee on—up there with Plymouth Rock and JFK's eternal flame.

San Antonio authorities were understandably pissed off (get it?!), and arrested Ozzy for public urination and intoxication. He was banned from the city for more than a decade, before his massive donation to the Daughters of the Republic of Texas foundation caused them to reconsider. Cash'll do that.

Flash forward 33 years later, Ozzy is venturing to the great state of Texas to put things right. Yesterday he arrived at the San Antonio landmark with his son Jack and a camera crew to tape a travelogue program for the History Channel. It was his first visit to the Alamo since the infamous moment.

"I think [Ozzy] was a little overwhelmed," his guide Stephen L. Hardin told the San Antonio Express News. "The plan was for them to just fly in under the radar…for Jack and Ozzy to be like regular tourists. And the producers swore me to secrecy because we didn't want a mob scene. And I checked Facebook this morning and I thought, ‘God, it’s going to be...' And it was."

Ozzy also made a stop at Councilman Roberto Treviño's City Hall office to formally apologize for the incident—and for Jack to request an official report on his farther's arrest.