QUIZ: Which Rom-Com Are You Living In?

Is your love life imitating art?

Everyone knows romantic comedies tend to follow a very particular formula: A melodramatic lead character gets unexpectedly swept off their feet by Mr./Mrs. Right and a series of hilarious events bring them together in blissful romance. More times than not, rom-coms deliver a perfectly predictable ending. But what we appreciate about them most is the relatability factor. After all, it's a relief to know we're not alone in our topsy-turvy love lives.

Have you ever thought about what romantic comedy best describes the current state of your love life? Are you the lead desperately looking to shake things up after a break up, or are you more like commitment phobe dodging the urge to fall in love? Well, there's no better time to find out! In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we've put together a quiz that will tell you exactly what rom-com you're living in.

Watch these four interracial couples give their hilarious flashbacks on how they met.