11 Times Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift Gave You Friendship FOMO

Ugh, they're so stinkin' cool.

When I attended the Paper Towns red carpet two weeks ago, I saw Karlie Kloss in the flesh. Believe every picture you see—the supermodel is a literal angel. (In fact, I'm pretty sure she glides. Like, she doesn't even effing walk.)

This perfect human/globetrotting supreme celebrates her 23rd birthday today—what the hell am I doing with my life?—and we can only imagine what epic celebration she has in store. Whatever she does, we're sure her casual pop goddess bestie Taylor Swift will be in tow. PRETTY. TALL. BLONDE. OVERLOAD.

In all seriousness, the TSwift/Karlie friendship is the stuff #SquadGoals are made of. Every photo of them might as well be captioned with "Look at how much fun we're having!" It's 99 percent awesome...and just 1 percent annoying. (The green-eyed monster is real, y'all.)

To celebrate Ms. Kloss' induction into the 23 club, here are 11 of the most enviable Taylie moments in history. *Prays for an invitation to Karlie's b-day bash.*

When they were on the cover of damn Vogue.

Way to set the bar high, girls.

The time Karlie got the hell out of her life during Taylor's concert.

They probably had a Netflix-and-Chipotle night after this glam moment.

The time they were on this boat.

Fifth-wheeling has never looked so fun!

When they allowed some stans to take a photo with them.

Who is that girl on the left? Carla?

Ugh, only they could make matching outfits look fierce and not dorky.

It's not even fair.

Again, FIERCE.

Love ya, bae!

How about the time they punched each other but looked glitter AF?

No blood, just sparkles.

When they actually pulled off feathers.

And didn't resemble giant anyone else would.

I wished my bestie and I looked like this when we danced.

Instead, people just call the ambulance.

Oh! Taylie can also make snow happen inside.

What, you and your biffle can't?

In conclusion, never change, queens.

Keeping blessing us with cute faces like this.