False Info: Erica Dixon Will Not Reveal Who The Father of Her Twins Is, But She Will Rule Out Who He Isn't

So stop spreading rumors!

Erica Dixon may not be ready to tell us who the father of her unborn twins is but she did put us on to who he is not.

Since announcing her pregnancy earlier this year, Erica Dixon has been lambo low about who could potentially be the father. Many people speculated that he was Power star Rotimi, but the two have since shut those rumors down via Instagram, calling the claims "fake news." Under a post showing off her bomb inches, a fan asked Erica, "Are you really pregnant by rotimi?" to which she simply responded, "False Info."

Similarly, when a fan commented "I would hate for this rumor to be true," under a post of Rotimi posted up with Larenz Tate, the actor replied, "lol completely false."

If you recall, last December Erica and Rotimi were looking pretty cozy as seen in the picture above (swipe right.) It's no wonder how fans came up with that theory. We may not know who the father of Erica's babies is yet (hopefully we'll find out during this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta) but we do know she is expected to give birth really soon. We wish her a happy and healthy delivery.

When it comes to her children, Erica Dixon goes above and beyond like she did in this throwback Love & Hip Hop Atlanta clip where she prepared for Emani's 10th birthday.