O'S**t Finally Gives Kathie the Apology She's Been Waiting For

"I really made the wrong choice by stepping away, and it is my fault."

O'S**t has notoriously been feuding with the mothers of his children throughout his time on Black Ink Crew, but it seems one of those relationships is finally on the mend.

In this highlight clip, O'S**t arranged a sit down with all the mothers of his children to make peace and talk about a better co-parenting arrangement with each of them. Anya, the mother of his daughter Khodi, refused to show up. Kathie, the mother of his oldest child Achilles, did agree to the sit down. However, it doesn't goes as peacefully as planned...initially. For starters, Kathie is not quite thrilled about sitting across from her ex, his new wife Nikki and their new baby. On top of that, she can't take the fact that Richard is blaming her for the kids not being able to see each other. Kathie storms out of the restaurant as S**t's other baby mama Coley chases her down for one last attempt at resolution.

Meanwhile, Nikki is advising her husband to reason with Kathie so he can have a better relationship with his son. "You need to admit where you went wrong and accept some of the blame." Thankfully that's just what he does. Speaking to Kathie one-on-one inside her car, O'S**t asks forgiveness for stepping out of his son's life. "I really made the wrong choice by stepping away, and it is my fault." Kathie calms down as she assures him that their son is still willing to have a relationship with him and will not hold a grudge against him for being absent.

Awww!! Don't you just love happy endings? See how O'S**t's family drama unfolds when Black Ink Crew returns next Wednesday at 9/8c.