Has Karlie Kloss Defected From Taylor Swift's Squad to Hang Out With Katy Perry?

Looks like they've got bad blood.

Of the members of Taylor Swift's squad (yeah, yeah, we know she thinks it's silly that everyone calls it a squad) one member has remained constant. Model Karlie Kloss has been Swift's friend for years.

Back in January, Kloss was accused of shading Swift with this video of her dribbling a basketball that came complete with the caption, "Swish, swish."

Don't see the big deal? Well, some are taking that to be a direct dig at her ex (??) bestie because it is the line from Katy Perry's diss track that takes shots at Swift. You'll recall, of course, that Perry and Swift have a long-standing feud that has been going on for...well, ever.


A lot of fans were like, "Calm down, everyone. She just said swish!" But apparently, we've got a defector from the Swift Squad. That's right. Kloss was seen hanging out with Perry herself. TMZ reports that the new pals grabbed sushi together. Sushi!? The horror!


We'll have to see if Swift responds. Hopefully there's no...bad blood.


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