Ryan Seems a Little Nervous When Sky Pops Up At A 9MAG Party In This 'Black Ink Crew' Sneak Peek

Sky wants the low down on "10MAG" and she wants it now.
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So when she shows up at a 9MAG gathering in Miami, Ryan is, understandably a little nervous. "When my crew gets to socializing with Sky, you know, it tends to go left...Regardless of all that, we different people now. We grown. We mature...right?"

sky entrance

It doesn't seem like Sky is there to create drama. She just wants the low down on what's going on with the new shop, which she is calling 10MAG. In typical Sky fashion, she wants to know who is running what and where. Ryan starts explaining that Van and Don run the old 9MAG, which is when Sky totally calls him out for getting rid of the rest of the crew.

kicked out

She does leave him with one useful piece of advice, though...


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