Cardi and Offset's Baby Girl Kulture Just Made Her Instagram Debut

Protect Kulture at all costs.

First of all, OMG. How cute is baby Kulture?

"My heart"

Following Cardi's announcement of an impending divorce from Offset, the Invasion of Privacy rapper said "eff it," and finally blessed us all with a beautiful photo of her precious four-month-old baby girl Kulture Kiari. That shiny tiny bow, the little striped bib, and those bright eyes- baby Kulture is too bute! Not even a day has passed since the photo been posted and the picture has already accumulated over 7 million likes.

After first giving birth to Kulture, Cardi just teased the Bardi Gang with cut-off images of her newborn and even told Ebro Darden during an Apple Music interview that she was offered 7 figures for some shots of the baby. Back then, the rapper "just wasn't ready yet," but now it's time and Kulture is shining!

God bless baby Kulture.