Scott Disick Left Rehab to Party Apparently

Last week, Scott Disick checked himself into a rehab facility for his consistent alcohol abuse. Whether if he was trying to resolve his addiction or create a good marketing stunt, he left only a week in stating he has "business" to take care of in LA. Well it seems that making club appearances was the business.

According to TMZ, Lord Disick hit up 2 nightclubs before leaving his rehab clinic, and continued his regular party antics last night at 10AK in Vegas. A partygoer caught his appearance on video including him trying to get a married man a blowjob.

He claims that he will return to the rehab facility to finish the rest of his program, but he's clearly living it up to the fullest until that day comes. Catch a glimpse of last nights shenanigans above.

So was his trip to rehab all a ruse? See what The Gossip Table has to say about it.

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[Photo Credit: Getty]