Jessica Dime and Her Fiancé Shawne Williams Are Having A Baby!


We knew Jessica Dime and her hometown sweetheart Shawne Williams were one of the sweetest couples in the Love & Hip Hop universe, but this clip of their pregnancy news made us love them even more.

Dime reveals that lately, she's been feeling nauseous and fatigued. The sudden symptoms have her thinking she may be carrying a bun in the oven, but she wants her boo by her side when she receives the news. As the lovebirds are chilling at home waiting on the results of their home pregnancy test, Dime and Shawne start talking about their future together. Shawne brings up the fact that he'll soon be on the road, so if they are to be parents it would benefit them to have Dime's mom around. Dime and her mom don't exactly have the closest relationship, but she's willing to patch things up now that there might be a new addition to the family.

Even though things with the parents may not be 100% on point, Shawne couldn't be happier with where things stand in the relationship. "I'm very proud of you. I'm proud of what you hustled up on," he says, sending happy tears down Dime's eyes. Shawne goes for the test to get the big news and of course, it's what they both suspected: they're going to be parents!

See how Dime's pregnancy journey and reunion with her mom unfolds when Love & Hip Hop Atlanta returns next Monday at 8/7c only on VH1!