Did Ice-T Just Throw Shade at Kanye's Yeezy Show?

Or was it an ill-timed tweet?

Kanye West kicked off New York Fashion Week by unveiling his Yeezy Season 4 designs. Details to Ye's show had been sparse up until earlier today, when it was revealed that the show would take place on Roosevelt Island. Yeezy models stood in formation on a field of grass adjacent to the island's abandoned Smallpox Hospital while others walked the cement runway.

Unlike Kanye's fuccboi heaven Yeezy Season 3 show this past winter, today's show seemed to be a struggle. Some models passed out, possibly from the heat. One in particular left her spot to go retrieve water for her peers and another took off her heels mid-show, like so:

The show's saving graces were Teyana Taylor and Chanel Iman, who walked one after the other near the end. Also at the end of the show, which was available to livestream via Tidal, came an unexpected voice. It was that of Ice-T. The rapper sent out a tweet that's already been interpreted as shade towards Kanye's show.

"If you keep telling everyone that you're a Genius.... Dumb MFs might believe you," Ice-T wrote via Twitter. Some took this to be shade towards Ye's show, which admittedly, could have gone more smoothly. Ice-T's wording is key, as Kanye typically refers to himself as a genius, visionary, etc. Of course, there's always the possibility it's just an ill-timed tweet and we're missing the real point, here.

Shade or nah? We'll leave that to the fashion gods to decide.

Watch Teyana Taylor talk about Kanye's "Fade" video in the clip below.