We're Shivering Over Madonna's Iciest Interview Moments

"It feels, uh, reductive."

It's widely accepted fact that Madonna is the ultimate queen—of pop, Earth, and my existence. Because she is such untouchable royalty, Madge is afforded some privileges us mere mortals only dream about. The biggest one? She can be a stone-cold ice goddess during interviews and get away with it. (These journalists are lucky to be in her presence, tbh.)

Madonna is a notoriously tough interviewee. She doesn't like stupid questions and—more often than not—she doesn't like you, either. Whether she's low-key shady or full-on biznitchy, it's all flawless and iconic. Bow the eff down.

In honor of Madge's 27 57th birthday, relive her six frostiest moments to date. Grab a parka. You'll need it.

W.E. press conference, 2011

Ahhh, hydrangea-gate. While doing press for her 2012 film W.E., a brave fan offered Lady M a little present: hydrangeas. Welp, there's just one teensy-weensy issue: Madge hates 'em. What transpires is a work of art. Madonna politely thanks the fan before shooting a dirty look to the person next to her. "I absolutely loathe hydrangeas," you hear her say. "He obviously doesn't know that." We bet he does now.

American Life junket, 2003

YAAAS, DIVA. Nothing beats Madonna complaining about there being no air in the room, so she snatches the journalist's paper and uses it as a fan. It's better than sex.

MTV Video Music Awards, 1995

This Courtney Love face-off is classic. Midway through Madonna's chat with veteran MTV journalist Kurt Loder during the VMAs pre-show, Courtney makes it very clear she wants to crash their powwow and say hello. "Should we let her come up?" Madonna asks Kurt "No, don't." But it's too late. "Courtney Love is in dire need of attention right now," Madge snarks as C travels up the stairs to the media space. And what follows is shady, shady, shady. See it to believe it, kiddos.

Top of the Pops, 2003

Around the 2:40 mark, Madonna coldly says to the reporter prompting her, "Does that answer your question?" And we swear to—well—Madonna, the temperature drops a solid 30 degrees.

MTV, 1994

This one is just funny, albeit meeeaaaaaan AF. After Janet Jackson said some not-so-kind things about Madonna in the press, Mr. Loder from MTV asks her what TF is up. After playing coy—"What did I do?...I'm mystified," she tells Kurt—M drops a frosty little gem: "[It's] rather transparent, wouldn't you say?" We're literally in below freezing territory right now.

20/20, 2012

The touchstone Madge sit-down moment. Cynthia McFadden wasn't aware she'd be setting off a firestorm of GIFs when she asked Madonna what she thought about Lady Gaga amidst the, "'Born This Way' ripped off '"Express Yourself!'" controversy. Teacups will never be the same ever again.