Ceaser Had a Secret Baby on Dutchess, O'Sh*t Got Sober and Married, and Someone Was in a Fatal Car Accident in the 'Black Ink Crew' Supertrailer

Like WTF is going on this season?!

Season five of Black Ink Crew looks like it's going to be a hot mess, but the entertaining kind of mess, judging by the supertrailer.

Now that Ceaser has continued his reign on 125th street with a new shop, he needed a successor to take over the old one 113th street. They done gave Ted a new job (or a real one) and s--t looks like it's going to get brazy. Always doing it for the ladies, it seems like Ted has plans for an all female tattoo shop of his own. If you thought the parties last season were something, the blurred scenes definitely let you know it's going to be crazier this time around, especially with the installation of a "boom-boom room."

We meet Young Bae, the sexy new artist that's already creating waves, and Tiffany who apparently doesn't get along Sky. A sober O'Sh*t has rebranded and goes by Richard now and is married to a woman named Nikki who, according to Walt, he's only known for a few months. Meanwhile Dutchess and Cease are still going strong, or are they, because Cease is looking cozy in the pool with another tatted up baddie.

Sky looks like she's seen a ghost when a mystery man shows up, who she describes as Lucifer. A rando tells Dutchess that Cease got some next girl pregnant. And as if things aren't already madness, a chilling phone call reveals that Cease was involved in a fatal car accident.

Who is that man Sky is running away from? Is everyone really fired? Why is Donna burning s--t outside? Why is DMX wildn' like that? Is Cease going to make it?

So many questions! We need more than five minutes! All of these questions will be answered soon enough but in the meantime, enjoy the supertrailer. Don't miss the premiere of Black Ink Crew on a new day, next Wednesday, January 18th, at 8/7c!