Get To Know The Stars Of 'Black Ink Crew: Compton' In The Brand New Super Trailer

"People in community need a place to get away from the gangs, the guns, and the violence...and I wanna create that space for my city."

With the violence happening throughout Compton every single day, the city could use a place to get away from it all. Enter Black Ink Crew: Compton.

KP--also known as IAM Compton--made it his mission to open the city's first tattoo shop, so people in his community could have somewhere safe to get away from all the gangs, guns, and violence.

With the support of his girlfriend and the mother of his children, actress Kyla Pratt, he's determined to make his shop, IAM Compton, a success.

And he's got some help from a dream team of seriously talented tattoo artists.

First, we meet Lemeir, who attributes his time being a drug dealer for turning him into a great businessman. When he's not in the tattoo shop, the Philadelphia native runs a company called Happy Ice with his girl Danielle.

Next, we're introduced to Nessie, another Philly native who came out here to hustle. People tend to underestimate her since she's from the suburbs, but she assures us all that there's a pitbull deep down inside her chihuahua package.

Vudu Dahl is the apprentice, who lets us all know right off that bat that she likes to tattoo just as much as she likes to f**k. Her childhood growing up in a cult has her ready to live her best life and make up for lost time.

Born and raised in Compton, Ink Drippin' is living out his dream after going from being homeless to working in the city's first tattoo shop.

Barbie is the shop's receptionist, who makes it her business to keep everyone in check.

Finally, we meet Tim, the shop's manager and another Compton native who feels blessed to have tattooing instead of getting into a more dangerous lifestyle.

This season is full of some serious ups and downs, but in the end, the IAM Compton crew just wants to do something good for the city and make a positive impact.

Get to know the people behind Compton's first-ever tattoo shop when Black Ink Crew Compton premieres on August 14 at 10/9c!