Machine Gun Kelly's Take on Race Is Much Different Than Macklemore's

Who do you agree with?

Machine Gun Kelly found himself cornered by a pesky TMZ videographer at the Los Angeles airport Tuesday, and the rapper was asked about Macklemore’s polarizing new single “White Privilege II.” In the nine-minute track, Macklemore criticizes himself--along with Iggy Azalea and Miley Cyrus--for appropriating Black culture with their artistic choices. When the paparazzo asked MGK about his thoughts on race, the General Admission MC said point-blank, "Race is not an issue."

He continued, "Race is an issue for people like Macklemore and s--t...I'm comfortable in my own skin; I can't help people feel the same way."

In basic terms, MGK isn't hung up on race in hip-hop, which means we probably won't get an 11-minute Macklemore response track on his end. Are you disappointed?

MGK echoes his blasé attitude toward race with a quote at the beginning of his TMZ ambush: "I'm not just a great white rapper. I'm a great rapper." (And because Macklemore didn't call MGK out on the song, we guess he is in the clear.)

But is he right? Should people in hip-hip be concerned about race at all?

We'll let you guys decide that, but one thing is for sure: MGK clearly didn't have advice for Cyrus and Azalea. He was too busy listening to The Rolling Stones, and he couldn't be interrupted.