Kristen Schaal Farted on Will Forte While Shooting a Sex Scene and Lived to Tell the Tale

Kristen Schaal just became the MVP of 2015. The hilarious Last Man on Earth star told Seth Meyers about how she got sexy with Will Forte during one of the show's pivotal sex scene. Her lack of shame from it all is what will make your day.

Prior to shooting, Schaal says she went ham on cans of beans for another scene, because that's how damn committed she is. Then came the sexy encounter, where she had to lay flat on her stomach on top of Forte. "[I wasn't] allowed to move because the network thought that would be very vulgar. So I couldn't like, shift things around," she explained on Late Night. "Carol is aggressively and sexually talking to Phil — that's a lot of diaphragm work, which is also in the danger zone of where the beans are... Finally I just looked at Will and I was like, 'I'm gonna fart on you.' And I did."

Schaal's slip got the unbreakable Forte to crack, and he even attempted to take the blame for the fart. Ultimately, Schaal owned up to her own gas ("I own my farts"). She proceeded to keep farting and farting because she's that's how much she doesn't care. "If you fart on your scene partner it's the most intimate you can get."

Kristen Schaal is now your hero.

[Photo Credit: NBC]