Tommie Lee Says She Never Really Wanted To Mess With Stevie, She Just Wanted To Know What Joseline's Mouth Do

Tommie spills all the dirt on her relations with Stevie and Joseline.

As far as what she told bae, Scrapp DeLeon about having his uncle Steve J perform mouth services on her, Tommie claims to say a lot of hurtful things out of pain and anger and she had no intention on following through on that threat. In fact, she says the scene where she shows Stevie's her goodies through her ripped leggings was taken out of context and that she's a "rugged type of b---h" anyhow. So rugged in fact, Tommie admits that she did in fact hook up with Miss Joseline, as was implied in tonight's episode, and says "[people] get head everyday." Well, alright.

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